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Tara Baumgarten, here.

I design authentic learning experiences that prepare people for the #FutureOfWork. Likes 👍: startups, learning, futurists, sour beer, and software that looks pretty.

I'm a T-Shaped Professional

Why, yes T is for Tara! But it's also the shape used to describe hybrid professionals. The T represents technical skills along the stem, and cross-cutting '21st century skills' along the horizontal. While employers typically only name the technical skills on job descriptions, I've invested in my 'top of the T skills' to last throughout my 60-year career. I find empathy, creative problem solving, and collaboration to be equally important as the technical skills needed to be a learning designer. What do you think? Let me know on this tweet thread.

thesis: @onepeloton can model #onlinelearning future: premiere instructors (s/o to my fave @AllymissLove) become the predominant pull to a platform (school e.g. @masterclass) identity based micro-hubs forming "theater nerds who spin" + F2F meetups is what #onlinelearning needs https://t.co/Ig3vEx5k2s

— Tara Baumgarten (@TaraLifBaum) December 5, 2019

First time at @educause #EDU19 has me feeling 🧠 💥 grateful to my @eddesignlab peeps for this experience @fraserde + @NaomiBoyer!! Scroll for reflections and further explorations🔎 pic.twitter.com/uLPLnogSr1

— Tara Baumgarten (@TaraLifBaum) October 17, 2019

It's 2020. >10 institutions in the world deliver higher ed (sry @SebastianThrun). BUT we do have signals the #LearnerRevolution is happening: learners piece together their ed w shorter form creds (both formal + informal) throughout their lives.https://t.co/qlnxKTQMBM below


— Tara Baumgarten (@TaraLifBaum) January 3, 2020

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